Sunday, March 18, 2012


If you have followed the juicing chronicles, they will continue soon. I just need to gather the photos and data...

SO, I wanted to make some gender neutral onesies for this bun in the oven (3 weeks til D-Day!). I had some iron-on transfer paper laying around and some ideas floating through my brain. I had seen on Pinterest a month or two ago a onesie that said "Glad to be out! I was running out of womb!" It was cute but too much wordage for a tiny newborn onesie in my opinion, so I just decided to shorten the phrase to "I ran out of womb." The elephant was a little trickier to construct. I had to find a picture I liked and then basically use my mouse and trace over it so that I could get an elephant silhoutte that I could change the colors as I pleased.

After getting the look I wanted, I reversed the images, printed them, and cut them as close as I could to the print. Voila. Cute onesies.

Thinking of selling these on my Etsy page that has been inactive since I opened it a year or two ago :) Worth $10?

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  1. LOVE these! I would die not knowing the gender ahead of time. Good luck! Can't wait for pics of the little cutie.