Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pillow Couch for the Wee Ones

My mom basically sewed this while she visited, but I'm still going to take the design credit haha.

While visiting us, my mom thought E could use a little chair for himself. So off to Target we went, sorting through errands and we came across the mini chairs. Cute as they are, they were between $60 and $80! Totally not worth the dollars, so we came home after errands and brain stormed.

I am a pillow hoarder and if I come across free pillows (or free anything really...) I cannot deny it! So I had a collection of 4 pillows not in use. I set aside two of the pillows to have stuffing on hand for future living room pillows, so that left us with two pillows. So here's what we did and what we used:

- 2 standard sized pillows
- a random strap used to hold a blanket in its packaging; cut in two equal pieces
- embroidery thread or thin/lace crocheting yarn (we used the latter)

1. Two Pillows

2. Cut one pillow in half and push the cotton down. These will be the arm rests.

3. You're left with a flap of pillow casing which will be tucked and sewn down

4. Sewing down process...

5. Take the other uncut pillow and thread the yarn/thread through front to back in the middle of the pillow. This will be where the seat and back fold and meet.

6. See. Threaded through the center, creating a fold.

 7. With the seat/back pillow, sew the strap (or similar) on one side from top corner to bottom corner. The goal is to hold the pillow in folded seat form- kind of like a 90 degree angle. Repeat for other side. These straps just act as extra support, similar to a portable stadium seat.

8. Ok, I forgot to take a picture of the sewing-armrests-on part. Just attach the arms securely on each side of the seat and part of the back.

9. Voila! Mini Pillow Couch!

So, I think it turned out alright. A few things: in the future, I'll want to add another pillow to the bottom for height. A stiffer support will be needed to hold it at a 90-100 degree angle because as of right now, if E leans back, it topples backwards, so we usually lean it up against our futon. I plan on sewing a cover as soon as I acquire some sturdy material. Hopefully I can pair a 20% off Joanns coupon with a 50% off home decor fabric sale soon. Yay!

Ta Da!

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  1. There's a 25% off your purchase in the ad right now! Not sure about the home decor fabric though...

  2. Genius. June needs one too. Thanks for the tutorial and love the new blog!