Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Juicing Chronicles, part II

if you're not caught up on to this mini-series, read part I here.

The Mr.:

starting weight- 199 lbs

as of this morning- 196 lbs!

Not bad for 5 days of juicing for breakfast and lunch only! The Mr. has been doing excellent. It's been really easy so far and the experiments haven't been too horrendous (minus the kind attempt I made to make homemade V8 for him- let's just say a small morsel of raw onion goes a looooooooooooooooooong way. and I mean all those "o's" in long. LONG. my mouth just burns thinking about that juice.)

The routine everyday has looked like this:

1) Gather all the vegetables/fruits to be juiced in a big bowl and give them a scrub.

2) Cut the produce that's ginormous, such as the XXL granny smiths and golden delicious apples on sale right now (The Mr. also seeds them, though this is not necessary). If using something like an orange or pineapple, then the rind is removed.

3) Turn on the juicer and send the produce to their next life.

4) Admire the the color that is produced and then stick the entire container in the freezer to chill during clean up.

Taste the Rainbow.
5) Clean out the pulp, scrub the strainer, and put everything in the dish drain to dry.

Seriously, a rainbow.
 6) Pour chilled juice in a cup and chug down all 500-600 mL!

This whole process, step 1-6, seriously only takes 20 minutes at most.

The diet is pretty clear on what it does- cuts back on calories to the wazoo. I have confidence in his goal to finally jump the 195 lb. hurdle he's been trying to get past the last few years!

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