Saturday, January 28, 2012

Black Bottom Cupcakes

So I happened to stumble upon this website while looking for an easy dessert to feed our dinner guests yesterday evening. Apparently this gal is a med student and blogs recipes for fun? Her recipes all look delicious!

Back to the dessert- I didn't want any butter in it, since we haven't really had any in the fridge for the last two months, and it needed to be minimal clean up since the guests were arriving in approximately 30 min. Lo and behold, the title black-bottom cupcakes caught my eye. Chocolate cupcake meets cheesecake. Yes please.

The cupcake batter is actually eggless and similar to red velvet cake in that in has baking soda and white vinegar in it! Now, I made a change with the cheesecake part: instead of regular cream cheese, I used 1/3-less-fat and I skipped the chopped up chocolate pieces she throws into it as well. My cream cheese/egg/sugar mixture came out thinner- not sure if it's because it's missing 1/3 of its fat or because I was impatient and warmed my cream cheese in the microwave... most likely the latter- so it seemed too messy to spoon on top of each cupcake. Instead, I put the mixture into a sandwich ziploc, cut a corner, and squeezed a dollop into each cupcake, creating a "filled" cupcake. Then I took something pointy near me (I think it was a piece of cardboard?) and swirled the chocolate and cream cheese to make it look cooler.

They were delicious! And not too unhealthy :) By the way, if you didn't note what I am baking these in, it is a silicone muffin pan. I HIGHLY recommend them! So much easier to use and clean.

delicious cupcake guts. no frosting required. sweeeeet.

go check out the recipe!

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